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Evan Kornblum



Chelsey Green and The Green Project - JP Gaster (Clutch) - COFR - Mike Dillon (Les Claypool) - Davon Fleming (The Voice) - Ice Cube - Jay A Turner Band - Leo & Cygnus - Hank Upton & Chris Brooks (Lionize) - Mike Westcott Band - Pocket Bells - Scott Siskind - Thunder Club - Ultrafaux


Evan Kornblum records original bands and artists. He mixes songs. He is a life-long musician. Evan has a great passion for the studio and helping people capture their music. Classically trained from a young age, he has spent more than a decade specializing in working with rock, indie, folk, jazz, gospel, and singer/songwriters. His attention to detail and positive attitude has made him a go-to engineer. Evan is also a two-time recipient of the WTMD Baker Grant (2016, 2017) for his work in the Baltimore music scene, where he lives.

Evan works out of the best recording studios in Baltimore, Nashville, or anywhere else he’s needed. Please fill out the contact form to discuss your project needs or just say hi!